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Andromeda Parks

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Name: Andromeda "Skipper" Parks
Age: 16
God Parent: Aeolus
Mortal Family: Mariah Parks
Years in Camp: Three years
Brief History: BEFORE LIFE
Skipper's mother, Mariah, was the local weatherwomen for a small town in Alaska. Aeolus saw her from afar, immediately falling for her, stage make-up and all. Mariah was a kind women but was also slightly a little...odd and was also very tolerant. Aeolus met Mariah and Mariah immediately fell in love with him right back. And here we are at the early ages of Skipper, their daughter.

Skipper was indigenous to Alaska, growing up there. She would have so much fun on windy days just twirling around until she fell, laughing. Mariah spent very limited time with her, hardly ever seeing her except for about one hour on weekends but instead hired a babysitter named Giavanna who wasn't exactly the kindest women.

When Skipper was seven, Mariah fell terribly sick with an unknown disease. The doctors tried all they could but couldn't heal her. When Skipper was eight, her mother died. But the last thing her mother told her was that in a few years she would go to a special camp for special kids, but she had to be twelve first, then she would go and maybe meet her father. Skipper stood by her mother's word.

For the next four years, Skipper went to Ms. Hannah's Orphanage for Little Girls where she was mistreated, an outcast. The girls made fun of her but Skipper didn't care. To make herself more different, she dyed her blonde hair red, just to make herself feel more confident. On Skipper's 12th birthday, a satyr came and told her about Camp Half-Blood. Then, she left with the satyr to go to camp.

Camp was like a new start for Skipper. It was a new home, away from the orphanage, no abuse, where she would be safe. Her first year was magnificent, she loved it. She was claimed to be a Daughter of Aeoulus about three weeks after she came and discovered her powers soon after. She learned how to control winds so she could hover about seven inches off the ground and float there. She's been at camp for three years.
Physical Appearance:

Personality: Skipper's personality seems to change when the wind changes direction if that makes any sense. She tends to have odd mood swings from time to time and could be energetic and happy at one time and then five minutes later she's cranky and mad. It's just an odd thing she does but it's really no bother to anyone.Despite the odd mood swings, Skipper tends to be happy most of the time, cracking jokes with the Hermes Kids and sharing gossip with the Aphrodite Kids, she tends to be an all around good person...most of the time.Skipper has a serious daydreaming problem. She tends to daydream half of her life away, as a funny joke many say that her focus has "left with the wind".
Fatal Flaw: Constantly daydreaming and can sometimes swoop to another land in battle
Talents: Playing with winds
Weapons: Bow/arrows
Other: Nothing.

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