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Lily Marie Rivera

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God Parent: Poseidon
Mortal Family:
Mother-Francesca Mariana Rivera-Keeney
Stepfather-Edward Keeney
Half-brother-Hunter Keeney
Years in Camp:7 (and counting)
Brief History:
Imagine living as a rebellious, third-generation kid who dreamed of achieving a little more than just becoming an English language professor, just like every other member of her family. Imagine that girl, fighting against her family, her “fate, and venturing out to the completely new environment of New York. Attending college, reconnecting with long-lost friends. Becoming what she could’ve–only on a smaller scale.
A brief winter was all Gwen shared with the mysterious, beautiful man with eyes clearer than the maldive seas. After-class coffee dates, trysts and rendezvous at 3AM, right after a visit to see the parents.
Then he’d left her, with only a too-small baby and a hug she’d never forget. Another failure. Another problem to overcome, another element threatening to limit her to a statistic.
But Gwen didn’t give up. Three days, and she was out of the hospital, the tiny little girl with wispy blond curls clasped tight on her chest. And she lived on. Reaching expectations. Finding new limits. Becoming something more than that girl, lurking around in the parking lot with an intoxicating whiff of drugstore perfume. Gwen was strong, unforgiving, but carefree and loving toward her child. She rebuilt her life, got a job as a secretary, and met another man. Even when Lily turned 5, and returned from school bearing a ADHD positive result in her hands, she never did.
Lily’s life was simple. She went to school every day, came home to have a snack prepared by Ed, and spent the afternoons watching tv with Hunter, her adoptive brother. Sure, she was never popular in school, but her affinity for reading meant that she was the top of her class in English. She had one friend in school: Paul, another half blood. A son of Apollo, he had a necklace with a single bead, and the two quickly became close, as most young children do. But of course, every demigod is bound to attract attention–especially a child of the Big Three– even much more, in the company of another. One day after school, the two were attacked by an empousa a few months after meeting. Only one of them survived, and made it to camp. And perhaps that’s the end of the story. Most fairytales tend to have vague endings.
Deemed unfit to return to the world just yet, Lily has now been living in camp year-round for nearly seven years now.
Physical Appearance:
Imagine that stereotypical blond damsel in distress. And there you have it. That’s Lily in a nutshell.
No, really.
Lily has a long face, with a high forehead. Her eyes are a reflective blue just like Zeyphros creek. The light in them are often soft, and they tend to give away and emotion that she tries to hide. Her nose is just...normal sized, and rounded at the tip. Her mouth is thin and often unnaturally pale, due to her anemia. Lily’s face is framed by soft, thin blond hair that hangs just a bit lower than her shoulder blades. It’s often stick straight, or vaguely curled from being braided for too long. It tends to come out in clumps, especially if she’s brushing her hair with her fingers while it’s wet or tangled, which makes her carry a hairbrush around with her constantly.
Standing at a reasonable height of 5’7”, Lily is rather thin, and very far from muscular. She’s not stick thin per se, but isn’t particularly out of shape either. She does have a busted ankle, which results in her legs literally being quite ornamental, despite the numerous compliments she gets for them. Personally, she considers her fingernails to be the prettiest of her whole body, as they are long, and meticulously cared for.
Her fashion sense tends to vary. Often times, you’ll just see her stumbling around in shorts, a random tee or tank top, and Vans, but Lily has a strange liking for frilly, feminine clothes. She likes to wear a lot of rompers (her favorite being a frilly white one from Urban Outfitters) and has an unashamedly vast collection of vans and flip-flops. Sometimes in summer, she’ll venture out barefoot. In colder months, she prefers cardigans and sweaters, all a bit too big for her frame. She’ll also stock up on a collection of wooly socks, which she wears in the cabin. Stand close enough, and you’ll smell a whiff of the cherry blossom shampoo she uses. As for makeup….she’s still perfecting that winged eyeliner. She usually just wears lip balms, and has a small collection of Maybelline baby lips.
Lily, at the very most, can be described as feminine. She’s somewhat shy and quiet a lot of the time, but perks up when she’s listening to music, swimming, walking around in the woods, or generally talking to friends. Her shyness and quiet comes from the fact that she’s got very little self-confidence, and tends to regret every other word and action spoken in the past. What can you expect? She’s been around since she was a tiny nine-year-old, and there’s a mountainload of slip-ups that anyone would remember. Not that they care, but Lily does.
Her insecurity provides a lot of problems, big and small. Whenever there’s an upsetting or infuriating instance, she will often turn it internally and blame it on herself, unless if there’s a clear reason to link it to another person. She’s also shameless about letting friends go, possibly because she’s seen too many come and go. But a select few, some who reciprocate her attention, she will protect with her life.
But no matter. Most people won’t see her insecurity in depth. She’s learned to not force it upon every friend, and keeps it away. Most of the time. In the company of others, Lily is civil, soft-spoken, and calm, especially for someone with ADHD. She is courteous to others, and rarely finds problems with them. Just don’t criticize her for being weak, being distant, and you’ll be good friends. She’s good company for midnight sleepovers and walks in the beach.
Fatal Flaw:
Lily has no muscles. Seriously. Nothing. She’s an average runner, but no pushups, no situps. This will probably make her the first person to die in a team thing if she didn’t have any water powers. She’s also got a lot of self-doubt, depression, psychological problems that may hinder her ability to react quickly in dire situations.
Hydrokinesis, Water breathing, ability to talk to Poseidon-related life forces. Typical Poseidon kid stuff.
Aqua–A celestial bronze sword specifically made to be compatible with water, turns into a pink stardust gelly roll pen.
Six Throwing Knives
A bow and a quiver full of arrows
Lily has a Golden Retriever named Honey. He appears sporadically in posts.
Also, she’s looking for love. She always has, and there’s been some people in the past. None of them worked out, but still. It’s fine. After all, if she can’t love herself, how could anyone else do so?

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