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Jason Heart(WIP)

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Name: Jason Heart
Age: 19
God Parent: The Keres (Κρες), spirits of violent or cruel death
Mortal Family: Christine and Victor Heart
Years in Camp: 4
Brief History:
Jason was born just days before his mother Christine, and Victor heart met up. She'd been entranced by the embodiment of the Keres, and fell in love. After finding out the truth of Jason's father, Christine found herself trying to flee. However, the spirit left for the sake of its offspring. After being born, his mother decided it was best not to tell Jason anything of his biological father. Filling his head with such things would ruin his brain. So she figured. A year later, she married Victor. A nice man with a decent salary, and knew nothing of Jason's powers. It would stay that way. At least that's what she hoped. The first 14 years of his life were pretty normal. He suffered from some reading problems, but ir didn't stop him from having friends or good grades. This all began to change during high school. It started off first as violent impulses, thrashing out at anyone around him. There was no explaining possible that he could give to explain the situation. Or so he thought. Just a year later, Jason witnessed his last straw. Without meaning to, he placed his hand on a friend for support. The girl would go on to die from dehydrfrom chocking painfully on air. At the same time, Jason suffered from the most terribly headache out there. This it was leads him to camp half blood 4 years ago.
Physical Appearance: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details!
Personality: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details!
Fatal Flaw: Sometimes suffers from migrains, which have been known to occur from over using his abilities.
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