The Past-and the present

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The Past-and the present

Post  Lily on Fri May 11, 2012 9:34 am

Lily walked across the beach, tears running down her face. She was having another fits. The third one this month. She hated the day she came to camp. The day she and paul fought with that empousa. The day Paul lost his valunerbale life. The day he protect her. She tried to brush away the tears. five years, and the shock didn't seem to wear off. Sure, she didn't have a fit every week for hours..... but it lingered. She sat down on the sand helplessly. She knew that she would drive herself into madness one day with the fits. She had to recover, soon. She took her necklace off and examined the beads on it. Five clay beads... and a ring. Paul's ring. She fingered it slowly as the tears ran down her face.
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