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Ty Griffin

Post  Ty Griffin on Sun May 27, 2012 9:52 am

Name:Ty Griffin
God Parent:Hades
Mortal Family:Tonya Griffin
Years in Camp:0
Brief History:Ty was born in green bay along with his mother.Ty would've stayed but his mom thought that if they moved to new york they would be close to more of there relatives.He moved to new york and went to school at in auburn new york.But he had to move again because his mother passed away after getting sick and dying .He moved to manhattan with his uncle who took custody of him and they were great together.His uncle almost died when a monster tried to kill him which made him mad,A exprience which made him bitter and cold.After that he was scared but always kept his composure.He has dyslexia and adhd.He plays cards a lot and is very active outside.

Physical Appearance:He has pale skin and intense black eyes.He wears a black t-shirt and black denim pants with black shoes.He has short cropped jet black hair.He has a smirk on his face always.He has a golden chain with each god on it except the big three which he has not found yet.He has a silver ring and gold ring his favorite colors.He at times wears a black and red hoodie.He has a lucky wristband that is green another of his favorite colors.

Personality:He is honorable and has a soft heart.He is mature and firm.He never breaks rules and does not have a sense of humor.He is quiet and shy most of the time.He is never the type to jump into things that don't involve him.He does not care about people and sometimes enjoys pain but not extremly.He loves to look at whales and like's cool boats.He is scared of heights and likes playing with mud a family tradition.He likes dogs and cats and dislikes horses because he once fell off one and he cried a lot that day which broke him a lot.
Fatal Flaw:Ty fatal flaw is Adventurer.Gluttony for every possible new experience.He always wants action and can't stay down.Which helps him in battle.The downfall is he does dum things just to get new expriences which cause him to mess up quests.
Weapons:He has a sword name harpe and a shield named perseus named after zeus the great.
Other:He wants to go around the whole wide world.

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Re: Ty Griffin

Post  GeneralArin on Sun May 27, 2012 1:10 pm

It doesn't exactly sound like your character has had a "hard life" other than the monsters....

Anyway, the only other comment I have is your flaw: the flaw is more of a negative thing, and you only listed the positive. Add the negative affects of this, like leaping before looking, throwing away good things for excitement, something like that.

That's all for me, this is a good application. Post when you fix it and wait for another admin to comment on it.

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