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Joy Detora

Post  JoyDetora on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:22 pm

Name: Joy Detora
God Parent:Athena
Mortal Family:Max Detora and Albert Detora(14,10)
Years in Camp:First year
Brief History:Joy and her brothers Max and Albert ran away from home when a huge fire burned down their house and killed their father. Luckily for them,they were preparing for a camping trip. They grabbed their bags,including their father's,and ran out a gaping hole. This happened when Joy was 8,Max was 10,and Albert was 6. They ran into the forest near where they lived and hid from police,not wanting to go to an orpanage. A bit later,when a year had passed,they were out of food.Now,Joy,being 9,used the hunting knife of her father's to kill a rabbit.This was her first kill. After that they hunted for food and gathered berries until the police found them when Joy was 10. They sent them to a foster home,where they lived until a satyr found Joy and brought her to Camp from New york.
Physical Appearance: Joy has dark brown hair. Her almond-shaped eyes are like polished brown stones.She's about 5 feet 6 inches. When she's angry,her face goes red and so does her ears at the tips.
Personality: Joy used to love reading with her father while being curled up in his lap,but ever since he died,she's hardened.She's smart,but a cold strategist. she's been a kind of close group girl instead of other girls,trying to attract every boy.Her heart is hard to reach,but once you get there,she's quite loyal.
Fatal Flaw:Joy's fatal flaw is thinking she'll never need help.If she's stuck at problem,Joy will never ask for help and never accept an offer for it.If she's saving the world,she'll never hand over the killing weapon to someone else because of hesitation.
Talents:she's smart and manages to get every owl around her really excited.
Weapons:she has a magical bracelet that has charms on it. Each charm is actually a weapon,and if she flicks her wrist,the weapon she wants will appear ready for action. The charms are a knife,a sword and a bow and arrow.

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Re: Joy Detora

Post  Wes on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:36 pm

This looks good. Since our other two admins, Jake and Kris, will be absent for a while, I'll go ahead and approve you for roleplaying.


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