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Breanna Lebe
God Parent: Urania
Mortal Family: Father- Titus Lebe
Sisters-Sevina Lebe, Tabatha Lebe, Emmanith Lebe, Korina Lebe, Nion Lebe
Years in Camp:2
Brief History: Breanna was the last child of Titus Lebe. He had five older daughters, all born at the same time by Urania. It use to drive him crazy because all the daughters he had but he managed to get hold of it. Even though Titus Lebe wasn't italian he was part of a mafia, which is why Breanna always wondered what Urania seen in her fahter. Breanna always hated her father. She hated how he acted like she wasn't there. She she managed to get through it. her sisters when to camp ten years before her, so she figured out she was a child of Urania along time ago but she stayed home for awhile because for the first time, sinc eher sisters were gone her dad noticed her. But she ran away and found CHB on her own. For the first year she got into her first fight with a daughter of Aphrodite. The child of Aphrodite was talking bad about her and Breanna doesn;t take that well, when she seen her for the first time, Breanna launched at the Aphrodite girl. Months after that Breanna was on her first quest, out of the three people she was with, one of them had to die. Breanna was kind of sad that it ended up being the boy she was dating. The second year she stayed quiet, she started nothing still a little sad over the death of her first boyfriend but now she is back to her old self!

Physical Appearance: Breanna has long brown hair. She has light caremel color skin. She is puerto rican. She has a tattoo on her thumb that is a heart and a tattoo on her arm. She got it without her dad knowing. She loves wearing dresses. Her eyes are brown and she has a lovely figure

Personality:She is sweet, sassy and honorable. But don't let that full you, you yell at her she'll snap back with ALOT of attitude.

Fatal Flaw: It's a single personality short coming. Don't just tell what it is, but describe it more. Basically, tell how it could ruin your character.

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