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Dan Hatche

Post  thedanman on Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:11 pm

Name: Dan Hatche
God Parent:Hephaestus
Mortal Family: Daisy Hatche
Years in Camp:N/A 1 minute
Brief History: Daisy was a car mechanic in New york, she told Dan that thats why his father came.He spent his first 12 years helping her work while trying to not think about his dad.His mom always said he was at his own work.Then on his 14th birthday he got a package from his dad containing a sword with a bronze like material and a tiny steel tip.His dad called it celestial bronze and sent him directions to a place called half blood hill.There was also a name.Hephaestus.
Physical Appearance: Dan is around 4 feet tall with black eyes that look like they have been smoked.He also has black hair and white skin.He wears jeans and a black T shirt.He also wears a red hoodie when not helping his mom and sticks his sword in his pocket.
Personality: Dan is impulsive to jump to conclusions most of the time.He trys to keep a cheerful expression when he can.He is not afraid of things most kids are.Before his dads gift he was also worried alot about if he would ever meet his dad.
Fatal Flaw: Pride.Dan often thinks he can do anything.Lots of times at school it gets him into trouble.There were also a few problems with the cars sometimes because of it.
Talents:working with cars,general being a mechanic,swordfighting with his sword,metalworking.
Weapons:A celestial bronze sword with a steel tip able to retract into some of the hilt for easy carrying.Tool box(if that counts).
Other:Has other talents such as metalworking and programming but doesent know it yet.


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