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Daniel Duncan

Post  Daniel Duncan on Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:24 am

Name: Daniel Duncan

Age: 15

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Eddie Sanchez (step-dad) Jasmine Sanchez (step-mom) Junior Sanchez (step-brother)

Years in Camp: 1

Brief History: Daniel always love the heat. He would like to bet outside until sundown. He enjoyed it for some reason. One day he was playing basketball and felt like he was being watched. After the game he was walking home when he was attack by a monster. The bull thing threw him like a rag doll. He got knocked out, but got a glimpse of his savior. When he awoke at the gates of Camp Half Blood.

Physical Appearance: Daniel is latino with brown skin and black hair. He is tall and scrawny with some muscles. He wears black pants with a white tee and a red jacket. An old red nikes.

Personality: He's a nice person if you become friends. He is stubborn, charming, and funny. He is strong headed.

Fatal Flaw: Being strong headed becomes a huge flaw, because it makes it harder to make a team and not allow others to make ideas. It cause huge problems especially if he is wrong.

Talents: Daniel its talented with a bow and needs to work a little. He is a charmer and sort of sneaky. He is quick on his feet.

Weapons: He is good with a bow and arrow and decent with a dagger and terrible with heavy weapons like swords.

Other: Hates the moon even though Artemis is the goddess of it.
Daniel Duncan

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Re: Daniel Duncan

Post  Kristina on Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:05 pm

Needs more detail on pretty much everything. The bio isn't really a bio... it tells me nothing about his background


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