Calypso Marie, daughter of Posiden

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Calypso Marie, daughter of Posiden

Post  loganofan1988 on Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:40 pm

Name: Calypso Marie
God Parent: Posiden
Mortal Family: Charlotte Marie (mom)
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Calypso was born in Miami, Florida. She knew she was different than other kids. Her mom was a marine biologist. When she was about eight years old her mom put her in fencing class so she would be able to defend herself. Calypso found out she was a demigod on her tenth birthday and ran away in order to protect her mom. She was on the run for about a month when she met a satyr. This satyr was eager to take her to camp. It took them a couple of weeks, but eventually they reached Camp Half Blood.
Physical Appearance: Calypso is tall, and lanky. She has black hair. Calypso has green eyes. She is very tan from spending so much time out in the sun.
Personality: Calypso is majorly ADHD. She can't sit still at all. She has slight dyslexia, but it doesn't effect her as much as the ADHD. She is all ways very outgoing and kind to her friends. She has very low tolerance for bullies. If a bully was picking on her or one of her friends Calypso would likely give that bully a knuckle sandwich. Calypso is very afraid of airplanes. She only been on them once or twice, but they still creep her out.
Fatal Flaw: Calypso is loyal to a fault. In a life or death situation, she would care more about the safety of her friends than her safety. This could result in Calypso sacraficing herself for her friends and family.
Talents: Calypso exceeds in swimming and canoeing. She is a really good sword fighter. Calypso is okay at wrestling, but isn't the best at it.
Weapons: Calypso has a celestial bronze sword that turns into a barrett.
Other: Calypso has the power to breathe underwater. She can also control water to her whim, but after too long she becomes a bit weak.

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Re: Calypso Marie, daughter of Posiden

Post  GeneralArin on Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:11 am

ADHD and dyslexia are more character traits than personality, I can see that you meant 'hyperactive'. Though the rest of the personality's alright.
The "Other" is a given, since you are a Poseidon kid. Other is more random facts than anything else, it doesn't need to be filled out.
Really that's nitpicking, though.

It looks like you hit the requirements, though if you could add more depth to the personality and bio that would be great.

Wait for another Admin to put in their two cents. If they think it's fine, I'll let it slide.

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