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The Amazing Kristina Dante ♥

Post  Kristina on Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:02 am

Yo Yo Yo!!! Wad up!!!!

That was a really poor attempt at being gangster... Let's try this again...

Hey everyone! I am Kristina, but most everyone knows me as Kris. But don't ever call me Tina... that has never happened before and I guarantee who ever does it first will not like the outcome... Very Happy

Don't let the smiley face fool ya!

Okay so a little bit about the real me. I am a first year college student in Florida. I am studying to be an Aerospace Engineer specializing in I have no clue yet. It's either going to be structures or propulsion I think... we shall see at the end of the semester. I am a huge band geek... I have been for 7 years now. I have always been in the top band at my schools. I made 3rd chair all-county tuba in 8th grade. I didn't try out in high school because I was so busy with FIRST robotics and SkillsUSA and marching band. I have always been in a leadership position in everything I do. Take Marching band for example, for most of my years, I was in charge of uniforms and anything to do with uniforms and my senior year, I was made drum major. But now, being my first year in college, I am at the bottom, working my way up to leadership.

But enough about the real me... meet the me you all get to see here. I am one of the three admin here on the site. Funny thing about that, when we first started the site, I hadn't even read the first book yet. The only reason why I ready The Lightning Thief was so I would know what was going on on the site. But after that I was hooked and look at me now... Of the three admin, I am probably the harshest. I try to be nice about things, but I get really mad about some stuff and in turn I act on my anger. I enforce the rules like there is no tomorrow. But as long as you are on my good side, I am really nice. Only a few people have earned a permanent spot on my bad side. I suggest staying on my good side and not ticking me off. I am always here for help. If you need anything just message me and I will help the best I can or get one of the other admin to help you instead. But I do try. It might take me some time because I tend to be busy with school work and can't do anything, but I do try my hardest.

I love creating stories. It has been a passion of mine for years, like since I learned how to write. So role-playing for me, is a way to use my creativity in combination with others to create a fantastic story. I really have come a long way in the six years that I have been RPing. I went from using plain dialogue and action asterisks to actually writing story style. And my skills are still improving with every post. Just know, that if you are RPing with me, I tend to write as much as you write. Like if you give me nothing to work off of, I give you nothing to work off of. So I suggest, be detailed but not overly detailed. I don't want to have to read a novel before I reply... Razz

Quick-note: I have been using Kris as a character since her name was spelled with Ch- instead of K-... and that was forever ago in a story Jake and I wrote. And in all the works I have had with her, her personality has been the same. She still has some growing and fleshing out to do but what character doesn't... it's no fun to have a completely fleshed out character...

Okay well I have written like a novel and I would hate to have you get bored of reading this. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for me, please let me know. I can't wait to get to you!

♥️Kristina Dante

OH! P.S. Welcome to the site! XOXO


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