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Post  Lily on Sun May 05, 2013 2:59 pm

((This is literally what i felt a few hours ago. Emptyness and sorrow. I don't know why , but Lily does.))
Lily stared towards the camp, at least 20 feet away from the ground. She'd asked for permission and the nymph had happily complied after being promised a little dose of water.
She sat down on the branch rather roughly with a sigh as her eyes blurred.

She was tired.

Tired of everything.

Everything that happened. The anxiety, the pain, the sorrow.
These days she had been happy. But this had hit her brutally and knocked the wind out of her.

She wanted to let go.

“Alright Lily, can you tell us anything you remeber?”
“I...I don't remeber much. One moment she was there....and then she simply.....transformed. Into a monster. She threatened to killus. And Paul.......”
tears dripped down.

“He died saving me,” her little body shook with fear and the camera crew interviewing her stepped away from the stool she sat on. A medic frantically approached the terrified demigod.

“What are you people doing? Traumatizing her even more? What kind of heartlezs people are you?”

a all she remebered was the injection sedating her. Being taken to a hospital. Being treated. Mental therapies. Then the flashbacks.
Then the thing threatening to tear her apart.

she watched as the event passed over her eyes. She fingered a pentant on her neckalce. The little one given by Paul Fletcher. The tree seemed to sense her insecurity.
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Losing Control Empty Re: Losing Control

Post  Syl on Sun May 05, 2013 8:36 pm

Syl stared at Lily from the camp borders, keeping herself unnoticeable. Obviously she wanted to be alone.

"Oh." She muttered to herself.

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