Unofficial Demigod Power List

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Unofficial Demigod Power List

Post  ©razy Dude on Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:06 pm

The Big Three
Zeus: The children of Zeus have strong abilities over lightning and the wind. These demigods can send volts of electricity out of their hands with now problem. They can control the wind, but at young ages it is just breezes. The older and stronger children of Zeus can whip the wind at dangerous speeds. The strongest of the demigods can summon lightning from the sky. Most children of Zeus are power buffs, and can be quite bossy. It is not unheard of for their fatal flaw to be their desperate need for power. They can also control and communicate with eagles. These demigods feel strengthened when they are in the air, and can breathe in the highest reaches of the atmosphere.

Poseidon: The children of Poseidon are some of the most blessed when it comes to their abilities. These children find strength and water, and all of their functions are stronger in it. They can breathe under water, choose if they get wet, and can withstand the highest of aquatic pressures. The ocean inside of them can cool them off, and keeps them from being burnt. They can manipulate water and bubbles with ease, and can communicate with aquatic animals and horses. The children of the sea can manipulate ships, and stir them with their powers. They can extend their feelings into the water, allowing them to know aquatic coordinates and the whereabouts of objects in the waves. They can summon water from nothing, but this ability is highly advanced. The advanced adults can summon storms of the sea, hurricanes or typhoons. This takes a lot of energy. They can also create earthquakes.

Hades: The sons and daughter of Hades have a list of great abilities as well. These children of death have the ability to summon undead warriors, and spirits. They are under their absolute control. The group can travel to the Underworld at will, but only the most advanced can take others with them. They can sense when people die, and can release locked souls to the Underworld. He can summon flaming fissures to swallow up his enemies and send them to the Underworld. They instantly die. Children of the Underworld can also open pits to Tartarus, but this is complicated. They are masters of necromancy, and what they cannot do naturally they use magic to do. The stronger demigods and use shadow travel to teleport themselves anywhere. They can call forth Stygian Iron and control the rocks of the world. They can communicate with hellhounds, and the creatures of the Underworld recognize them as princes, and do not harm them.

Gods of War
Ares: The children of this god are naturals with all weapons of war. They have also inherited their father's manipulation of fear. They can stir fright in those enemies to weak to fight it. These demigods often go into a fierce rage when in battle. While in this state weaker injuries are ignored, and their fighting abilities are much greater.

Athena: The children of Athena are born to be wise. they have high IQs and are very studious. Most of them have a love for architecture. The demigods are predisposed to war, and think faster than others in battle. They are natural tacticians, and always remain calm when the situation is threatening.

Hephaestus: The children of the Hephaestus are made for the forge. they have a high resistance to heat, even lava. The tools of the forge listen to them, and their feats are majestic. They do not find it hard to enchant their creations, at least after years of practice. They can control melted metal and lava. They feel at home within volcanoes, and when they are inside of one, they have complete control over it. The abilities of Hephaestus develop slowly, and take more instruction than any other. Only his strongest children can accomplish this. Hephaestus rarely had daughters, and his sons are large and strong.

Olympian Goddesses
Demeter: The children of Demeter are naturals at growing plant life. They can communicate with plants, in a way that is mostly random needs. They can control the plants, and spur them to grow and fight their battles. The children of Demeter can grow plants in the strangest of places, but the plants will die once the child is away. They create the sweetest of fruit, and can enchant the fruit they grow. With pheromones the Demigods can make their fruit do different things like: Making healing go faster, inspire battle rage, curse one with lust, etc. The most experienced children of Demeter can talk to the wildlife and understand what the animals around them are saying.

Aphrodite: The children of this love goddess have the power of empathy. They can feel the emotions radiating off of other people. They are extremely enticing, and have the greatest abilities of seduction. They can also do magic related to love and beauty.

Olympian Gods
Apollo: The children of Apollo have many minor abilities. When in the sunlight all of their abilities are stronger. They have keen, discerning eyes that make them excellent archers. They are gifted with beautiful voices, but their songs are nothing special. They are excellent at enchanting their arrows. The children of Apollo are often good doctors. Their healing abilities are not supernatural, but they have a knack for medical knowledge.

Hermes The children of the god of travel and thieves are special in their own way. They are gifted with almost supernatural speed, and are easily as fast as Olympic sprinters. The children of Hermes are gifted thieves, and are able to sneak up on the most aware opponents. They are incredibly lucky, but no one is very sure why. They never get lost while traveling, and always make to their destination. Their father always listens to their prayers for safe travel.

Dionysus: Dionysus is the god of wine and insanity. These children do not experience dyslexia and ADHD like other demigods, being able to sort out things in their minds very well. They can control the vines of grapes and strawberries, and make them grown in the most peculiar places. They can make wine and other alcohols with no problem, and theirs is always the sweetest. Dionysus' children never get drunk, and alcohol poisoning is a totally foreign idea to them. They are also able to cause confusion in the mortals around them.

Minor Gods
Asclepius and His Nurses; Hygeia, Iaso, Aigle, and Panacea.

All of the children of these health gods are natural healers. They all have a predisposition for medical knowledge, and learn these things quickly. Unlike the children of Apollo they have supernatural haling abilities. They can speed up the healing process with a thought. The children of Asclepius are the most powerful, being able to cure diseases, and even bring a body back to life if the brain cells still work. Only the strongest and wisest of them can do this.

The children of Hygeia are neat freaks, and they have the power to kill lose bacteria. They can also use their powers to clean things. They are the second strongest among the supernatural healers.

Panacea's children can almost summon the things needed to create the most powerful salves, antidotes, and healing potions. Even when the right materials are not at hand they can summon them from great distances.

The children of Iaso are the best with modern medicine. They naturally know modern medicines and antibacterial agents. They can operate the most complicated medical equipment with their mind.

Akeso's children guard the healing process. They can only heal wounds that a body would be able to over time. They are the best at fighting off infections.

Eros and the Erotes

The children of the Erotes are gifted with most of the abilities of the Aphrodite kids, but they can not naturally cast charms. Unlike the children of Aphrodite they can create minor feelings in others, for other people. The children of Eros are usually the strongest. they are all revelers. They are particularly good looking. The sons of Eros are the strongest. They are all good with a bow and arrow. Eros' children can control lust, love, infatuation, and annoyance.

Pothos' children are the most passionate. They are highly romantic, and can often be overly optimistic. They are excellent at writing ballads and love stories.

Anteros children are the protectors of mutual love. They are the best at finding pairs that will truly love one another without divine intervention. They are also the ones who help find those who have lost love, fin it again.

Hedylogos' children can layer their voices to mesmerize others with their sweet talk. Their flattering is laced with magic that makes people feel more special than they should.

Hymnaios' children are the only demigods who can make the bonds og marriage official. They bless these marriages with their presence. They are also great singers, whose songs stir longing and romantic thoughts.

There is a ban on children of Hermaphroditos because of the controversial nature of their ability and birth.

The children of the goddess Hebe maintain their youth for a lifetime. They are also able to give the look of youth to others, or even take it away.

Iris' children are true messengers. They have free access to their mother's messaging system. They can create rainbows at anytime, and can turn them into harmful lasers.

The children of Hypnos can travel safely to the Underworld. they can make others sleep forcefully, and the strongest among them can send others in to comas.

The children of Thanatos can travel freely within the Underworld. They can release the souls of the undead, captured spirits, the unwillingly living, or those that are at death's door. And most often they can sense the spirits of the dead.

Persephone's children can travel within the Underworld, and are the only other demigods that can shadow travel. They can also grow and control poisonous and dangerous plants.

The children of Triton grow fish tails when they are underwater, and can breathe in it. They are the fastest of swimmers, because their father is the messenger of the seas. They can use the great connection between all waterways.

The children of the Ocean Queen can breathe under water. They can also control the waves. They can use the connected waterways for travel, and are not effected by water pressure. They can also transform into dolphins.

Anemi, Zephrus, Notos, Boreas, and Eros.
The children of the Anemi can control the winds of their father. They can also fly without the assistance of wings, winds, or objects.

The children of Nemesis are said to always get their revenge, and whenever they are struck in battle they become stronger.

The sons and daughter of the greatest ascended mortal have different effects. His daughters are born beautiful, but have no special skills. When they have children, their sons will have the abilities of their uncles, as if their grandfather was their father. His sons and grandsons are uncannily strong fighters. They have a natural strength, and are always big with bulging muscles. His sons and grandsons are often arrogant and full of lust.

The children of Janus are often condemned by mortals as people with Multiple Personality Disorder. These demigods have two personalities that are always distinct opposites. Unlike mortals with Multiple Personality disorder, the two personalities are permanent. They have their own opposite skills, but are very aware of the other. Because of the internal strife the children of Janus suffer, very few live long lives.

The children of Dike are the ultimate judges. They can tell when someone is lying quite easily and hardly ever lie unless it is absolutely necessary. Due to their mother being the goddess of justice they have no blind spot in battle.

The children of Eris are the ultimate instigators of drama. They are often behind the scenes causing as much strife as possible. Despite the fact that they prefer to be leaders, the children of Eris are strong in battle. Their ability to lead troops have made them strong leaders in many famous armies.

The children of Nike are excellent at predicting a victory. They are skilled with axes. They are known for their great luck. They also have a strong drive which makes them excel as athletes and fighters.

The children of Deimos are excellent at striking fear into others, through words and supernatural power. As the grandchildren of Ares they are strong in battle.

The children of Phobos are known for causing panic in others. They are excellent in battle, but are not good at strategies.They also have difficulty with authority figures.

The children of Lyssa are werewolves who transform when they enter into a rage. The demigods never remember what they have done unless they are helped mentally by a purer god than their mother. Lyssa's children are easily manipulated. People bitten by these werewolves are not turned to werewolves.

The children of Soteria are natural bodyguards. They fight with large heavy shields, and have supernatural shielding powers. The more they love what they are shielding, the stronger the shield. They are often fierce bodyguards or parents. They also have a strong sense of protection of loved ones.

The children of Adicia are purely unjust. They fight with clubs and hammers, and encourage people to commit crimes. The children of Adicia have no conscience. They are easily manipulated and always outcasted. They also have are known to fight dirty.

Bia and Kratos
The children of these gods have an amazing brute strength. The excel in the martial arts, and prefer to fight with their fists. If they use weapons they are normally weapons like gauntlets and claws that extend on their limbs. Bia's children use their power as they will, but Kratos' children have strong morals.

These demigods inspire feelings of unhealthy rivalry and envy. They are strong fighters, but excel at secret assassination.

Like their mother they inspire insatiable pride. They influence people to turn their pride into violence. They are strong in battle.

Eirene is the goddess of peace and her children follow her ways. Rarely do these children support any side of a war. When they do fight they prefer the use of magic or projectiles.

Harmonia is the goddess of harmony. Her children are often great at keeping secrets and able to talk almost anyone out of anything or talk them into it. The children of Harmonia have the ability to induce a state of peace onto anyone. The strongest of them can create any emotion into anyone. Some of them are also found to have great combat skills due to their grandfather being Ares.

Chione is goddess of snow. Her children are known to make it snow and the strongest can make blizzards and freeze their opponents.

Enyo is the goddess of war. Most of her powers mimic that of Ares but there are a few special powers to her children. The children of Enyo can transfer certain wounds into another person but the level at which they can transfer has to b equal to the amount of destruction going on. They are also very unique because unlike many other demigods they cannot use ambrosia/nectar otherwise it gives them great pain or in some cases death.

Thw children of Morpheus can induce hallecinations on people. They are known to be caught in other people's dreams but most people don't realize it because they can control what they look like in the dream. His children can also induce drowsiness on people but only to a low extent. The rarest of all their abilities are being able to turn their own thoughts into reality. This leaves the child either in a coma or possibly dead.

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Re: Unofficial Demigod Power List

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where is Hecate?


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