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Post  Hanako on Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:51 am

Name: Hanako Himura

Age: 13

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Family:  Akiko Tanaka, Ichiro Yoshida

Years in Camp: None

History: I lived in a Village that lives near the mountains, away from the loud cities, young children learning how to be useful  to adults or get whipped by the village elder. Only my mom was kind to those children and she treated wounds of the children. One day, my village got burned down and was all alone with my mom. Since i claimed that I saw a large bull, my mom sent me to camp Half-blood and was missing ever since

Physical Appearance: I am a thin, middle sized girl. I have black hair and blue eyes but am afraid to show them my eyes as they are said to be cursed in my village. Wears a black cloak every time.

Personality: I am a cold, quiet person. I do not like people who pester me on my family backgrounds. I will be open to people when I trust them. I like to touch my knives and my scythe which I always bring with me.

Fatal Flaw: My fatal flaw is anger. When someone makes me angry, I can get out of control and will take a long time before I can cool down.

Talents:  My talents are the ability to memorize lots of information in a short time

Weapons: I have a Stygian dagger and scythe, both which I carry around. When covered in the mist, the scythe looks like a dried up branch.

Other: I can't stand bright places.


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Post  Axel The Bunny on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:48 am

This is in the incorrect place, as well as written wrong.
Please change your app to third person
Axel The Bunny
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Post  Cerulaen on Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:07 pm

Besides this being much too short (we have a sentence requirement for many of sections in our app), Stygian iron is also not allowed. We only use Celestial bronze, unless you are a Hunter in which case silver is of course acceptable. And also worth mentioning, no Imperial gold because we are Greek only.
Then we don't necessarily disallow scythes, it should just be noted that they are pretty much completely useless as a weapon unless reworked to look like a spear. The only reason Kronos can get away with using one is being he is literally the most OP being ever and can slow down time to use it effectively. And it's like, absolute death if you even touch it. So. Just might want to think over that.
Then, like Ax said, third person.
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