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Name: Venatrix Puella
Age: 11
God Parent: Hermes
Mortal Family: Louise Puella.
Years in Camp: Two years
History: Venatrix was sent to camp half-blood at the age of nine and has been there for the last two years. She was required to move because of her constant stealing and pickpocketing was getting her into serious trouble. Trix often pickpocketed and was actually very skilled at theft (an inherited trait). She was also quite good at pranks. Basically, at the ae of eight, she was rebellious. It was starting to affect her mum, those constant trips to see the headmistress over stealing phones, purses and locker keys that she was sent to camp.

Physical Appearance: Venatrix has golden blonde hair that she often wears in a bun. Her eyes are a teal blue colour. Trix has a scar on her neck from when she was younger and (probably) did something stupid (she still doesn’t know how or why she has that scar). Her skin is pale since Trix doesn’t like tanning. Trix looks like any other person in the street, she doesn’t like to stand out because if she does then she won’t really be able to pickpocket because she will be noticed.

Personality: Venatrix hates her full name, so everyone tends to call her Trix (which fits in perfectly with her personality). Trix is British and has a British accent and has kept her British accent going for the last couple of years and will NOT give it up! She is a pickpocket and a thief, she should never be trusted with anything (yet she still owns weapons). She also has trust issues.

Fatal Flaw: Independence, since Trix hasn’t had any friends because everyone was told to stay away from the criminal girl who likes to steal she has become independent. This means that Trix has trust issues and doesn’t like team sports or trust exercises.

Talents: Pickpocketing/stealing and sneaking around.

Weapons: A celestial bronze knife that she keeps hidden. She also uses a dagger for training since no one knows about her knife.

Other: Has a tea addiction, do NOT get in between her and her tea in the morning!

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