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Erica Luebbe

Post  BookFan5 on Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:29 pm

Name: Erica Luebbe

Age: 16 in a half

God Parent: Hermes

Mortal Family: Cheryl Hilman (grandmother), Gary Hilman (grandfather) Katie Luebbe (mother), won't mention her eldest sister, and Rebecca Luebbe (little sister)

Years in Camp: 2

History: When Erica grew up, she loved to run. She love the out doors as well but she was also used by so called 'friends' when she was in third grade and then they left her in sixth grade. She was alone whenever she was at school. But then she got bullied so many times. Thrown into a trash can, called names many of times, and then beat up. She ran away crying which earned her the title 'crybaby' but then she decided to train herself into defending herself without people's protection as she taught herself karate. When she was at a school dance, she made herself known for dancing since her grandmother was a dancer as people knew her as the 'Party animal' or hyperactive knucklehead. She gained new friends as her friends call her a ninja since she's the fastest one in the group and sneaky as well. She is really fast on her feet and can snatch anything from anyone or sneak past anyone. She then felt like she was free when ever she ran, she said whenever she runs, she feels free and like she's flying. When she got into her Sophomore year (10 grade) she's been noticing changes around her. In English when her teacher was going into the Greek Mythology unit, she somehow knew them and her teacher even let her teach the class which Erica didn't denied and ran up as she sat on the stool as she began to teach the class. Each time something popped up, like a test or a question, she got each answer right. Her favorite gods and goddesses are (in order) Artemis, Hades, Hermes, Poseidon, Hestia, Apollo, Ares, and Athena. Then when Erica was walking, she was attacked by a Hydra. She tried to out run it as flames went at her. She cried for anyone to help her and then her English teacher came and then shot a barrage of flaming arrows at the Hydra as it killed it. Her English teacher, Mrs. Mijor (the 'j' is silent) explained that Erica's a demigod and she had to help get her to Camp Halfblood. Erica then ask questions while they were in the vehicle on why the monster attacked her and why anyone else couldn't see it, Erica even ask why could her own teacher see it. Mrs. Mijor explained that it was the scent off from her and it was the mist that shield from anyone else from seeing it and also, Mrs. Mijor is a demigod, from Apollo. Erica was concerned if the monsters would attack but Mrs. Mijor assured her that she can manipulate the mist and that she's covering them. Then when Erica got to Halfblood she got claimed with glowing flying greek style sandals above her, claiming her as the daughter of Hermes.

Physical Appearance: long brown hair past her shoulder blades that's always thrown in a messy braid or ponytail, dark brown eyes, olive skin, she is 5'3 feet tall, weighs 119.4 lbs, scars one on her top right forehead, two on her forearm, and her legs, she is a tomboy, doesn't care about her appearance at all as she wears jeans, a random top, and a sweatshirt with tennis shoes

Personality: kind hearted, caring, sweet, generous, loyal, friendly, hard working, brave, reckless, selfless, mischief, sarcastic, sneaky, can be sly, bookworm, clever, creative, short temper, protective, naive, trust worthy, stubborn, prideful, and doesn't know when to give up

Fatal Flaw: she is really stubborn as that impacts on her not knowing when to give up, she's been taught not to and when she has something she doesn't know when to give up. Trusts people to easily, people uses her to much making her naive to notice right away before it's too late. Her pride is up which follows up on her stubbornness, short temper, she doesn't really get angry much, doesn't really care on what happens to her but when you mess with anyone she cares for, run cause it's like facing Hades, Hell crossing over.

snatching things: as child of Hermes, god of thieves, she is known to snatch things right away and quickly.
Sneaking: as child of Hermes, she sneak things easily, she sneak downstairs at her mom's friends place as she see her little sister and a friend was on the wii, quietly, she sneak pass them and meant to scare her sister but ended up scaring both of them.
An iron grip: when she has anything in her grasp and locks in her iron grip, it takes about three people to get it back, not even when you hit her arm to weaken it with a metal ruler, it won't work.
Running: as child of Hermes, they are known to be fast and be quick on her feet and get out of there at any situation immediately.
Dancing: as the descendant of Bacchus, they are known to party hard as that is known for her dancing styles as people do call her a 'party animal'

Weapons: a dagger, sword, and shield

Other: she loves music mostly rock or old hip hop songs, she's really clumsy, she's not afraid to get down dirty, she likes action movies and anime, she's known as a geek, her favorite food are mooches, pockies, any kind of food from foreign countries, and she hates makeup


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