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Anthony Blackwood

Post  Wes on Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:42 pm

Name: Anthony Blackwood
Age: 17
God Parent: Athena
Mortal Family: Jackson Blackwood (deceased)
Years in Titan Army: 6

Brief History: Anthony was never one you would've thought to go goth or evil. He was happy as a young boy, innocent and fun loving. Then, when he was 10, his dad, the only person he ever loved, was killed- he was walking across the street from his lab to get some coffee when a guy carrying a sack of money and a gun, running from cops, came his way. He tried to stop him, but a single bullet ended his attempt and life. Anthony thought at that moment the whole world had turned on him, and still thinks that. One day, soon after, he came home and found, lying on his bed, a black and bronze sword which he later named Black Oblivion. He practiced with it in the woods next to his house, hacking away at trees and vines and such. A year and a half later, after becoming real good, a recruiter for the army appeared in a tree behind his practicing, startling him. He was merely a scout, so, naturally, Anthony could've destroyed him then and there, but something held him back long enough for his tempting words to convince him to join up with the Titan Army. They told him he could avenge his father’s death. They needed his strategy skills, and so he was placed as one of the top strategists of the entire army.
He has recently shocked himself, finally connecting to someone again, feeling for his new girlfriend.

Physical Appearance: Long, straight, sleek black hair – dyed from the standard Athena-blonde – that often hides his dark cold eyes. He has very pale skin. He always wears black goth clothing, black eye-shadow, and a silver lip ring. His teeth are somewhat scratched up from when he once foolishly tried to sharpen his canines to look more gothic.

Personality: Until recently connecting with his girlfriend, Anthony was cold and secretive. He showed no emotion other than his hatred of the world. He was virtually silent except for when he’s strategizing for the army. Now that he’s finally found someone he’s been able to open up to, he’s been leaning towards getting back on his feet with the whole ‘associating’ deal.

Fatal Flaw: Anthony has grudge issues. He won’t let things go easily – especially his father’s death. This makes him an impulsive revenge-seeker who’s grown to hate the world.
Talents: Strategizing, sword-play, and giving cold, hard, and emotionless glares.

Weapons: His sword, Black Oblivion - celestial bronze blade embedded with black jewels going up about a third of the blade from the hilt on either side. The hilt is gleaming black with an evil-ish design.

Other: Did I mention he has a girlfriend now? :3


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