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James Walton

Post  Walt on Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:15 am

Name: James Walton

Age: 15 Birth Date: 7 Oct 1997

God Parent: Athena

Mortal Family: Oliver Walton (father), Renee Walton (stepmother), Lauren (stepsister)

Years in Camp: 0 (6 months)

History: James is an Army brat. He moved around with his dad a lot, moving from base to base every time his dad was reassigned. James's dad said he was born in Virginia, but James couldn't remember spending any time there. The longest gap between moves was at Fort Benning in Georgia, where he stayed from age 5-9. Naturally, having an unstable living situation didn't do anything to help James's social life, but he learned at an early age that complaining about it wasn't going to change anything. Despite his living conditions constantly being in flux (on top of ADHD and Dyslexia), James maintained excellent grades in school. He was on pace for West Point, an achievement that he and his father had wanted since James started school, until the incident. During a uniform inspection, James's already nasty JROTC drill instructor decided to crank the nastiness to 11. If he was auditioning for a Full Metal Jacket sequel, he would've gotten the part easily. Apparently, there was a wrinkle in his pants (even though everyone else knew they were folded perfectly), which earned him an hour of individual punishment. After enduring his punishment, James's drill instructor revealed himself to be a Laistrygonian Giant and attacked him. James, knowing he was physically outmatched, quickly devised a plan to subdue his large, aggressive opponent. He successfully taunted the Laistrygonian into charging him, vaulted himself onto its back, and strangled the giant with his dogtags until it went limp. After spending a brief moment admiring his own work, James was walked in on by his father and two teenagers wearing orange t-shirts and brandishing bronze swords. They explained to him that he was a demigod, and they needed to take him to their camp, where he'd be safe from other monsters like the unconscious Laistrygonian at his feet. James went with them in part because what they said made sense, but also because the behemoth on the ground was starting to stir. After spending a few months at Camp Half-Blood, James came to love the place, feeling as if he'd finally found a home for himself. He decided to be a year-round camper, no longer having to deal with the constant moving of an Army brat.

Physical Appearance: James looks like a typical black teenager. He's lean, muscular, and about 6'0 tall. His black hair is cut low, and his face is clean-shaven. He usually wears a grey t-shirt that says "ARMY" in black letters across the front, green cargo pants, and brown boots.

Personality: James is incredibly thoughtful, and looked to for advise by most of his peers. If you've got a problem, James probably has a solution. He's also great at board games, his favorites being Chess, RISK, and Battleship. However, this leads to him being a little too competitive, to a point where his addiction to winning is a bit off-putting. In James's limited social experience, he hasn't really been one to have a lot of people around him. He has his 3-5 good friends, and that's usually about it.

Fatal Flaw: Unlike most of Athena's half-blood children, James's fatal flaw isn't hubris. It's being headstrong. James strongly believes that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. He doesn't trust the ability of other people to get anything done, so he tries to do everything by himself. This more often than not leads to him biting off more than he can chew, and he's paid for it on numerous occasions. James does all the work on a project himself regardless of how skilled the other group members are, simply because he KNOWS he can get it done faster his way. 2 weeks later, when the project is due, James still hasn't finished, nor has he eaten or slept since he started working. If he'd accepted the help of the others, the whole thing would've been finished, proofread, and published in half the time.

Talents: Being a child of Athena, James is exceptionally smart, skilled at planning, and adept in both armed and unarmed combat. With his father's being a soldier, James also picked up a thing or two about camping, hunting, and surviving off of few resources.

Weapons: James has a 13" celestial bronze combat knife. He also carries a few throwing knives, just to be safe. Though he is proficient with a very vast number of weapons, James has never been very fond of using shields. He prefers dodges and parries to outright blocking strikes.

Other: Has a slight southern twang from growing up in Georgia

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Re: James Walton

Post  Lily on Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:56 pm

I'm gonna go ahead and say you're approved, but wait for another staff member(silver name) to approve before you start roleplaying.
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Re: James Walton

Post  GeneralArin on Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:21 pm

Just make sure you don't overplay how good you are with weapons, since you are fairly new. Experience beats out talent in most cases.

Other than that, approved.

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Re: James Walton

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