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My Character

Post  TerribleTy on Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:12 pm

Name: Jim Faun

Age: 12

God Parent: Thanatos

Mortal Family: Mom: Thasta Rema

Years in Camp: None, just found the camp

History: Jim had been a fairly normal child, he and his mom were usually on pretty good terms. When someone ticked him off or bullyed him, they suddenly fell flat on the ground. For some reason he always felt tired. When he hit 12. A hoarde of monsters appeared on his door. He was able to escape with the help of a satyr. But his mom... Died.

Physical Appearance: His skin is very pale, and he looks very moody. He has a delicate chin, with soft eyes and hot scars. He has black hair.

Personality: Most of the time he is a guy in the shadows, hiding behind the stairs. He's very moody. But when needed he could take the lead and charge ahead. He can lead five people against a roman legion and end it in a draw. The reason he hides is because he is dominant in any place. He can usually keep it in check, that's the reason he is a good leader.

Fatal Flaw: He is always trying to do the right thing, in situations where the best thing is not the right thing, he will always choose the right thing, even though that would be very bad for him and the rest of the team.

Talents: He is a leader, a weapon generalist(ok at almost every traditional greek weapon), and a hider, he is also a quick improviser.

Weapons: He has a bow and arrows coated in Celestial Bronze. With a Celestial Bronze Sword.

Other: He has never smiled, laughed, or shown any happy expression in his ENTIRE life.


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