Charlie Evocca

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Charlie Evocca

Post  Darcy Willett on Sun May 17, 2015 9:53 pm

Name: Charlie Evocca

Age: 14

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Kelinda Evocca (deceased)

Years in Camp: 0

History: Charlie grew up in foster care after his mother died at childbirth. Charlie figured out at an early age that he was different from all the other children. At around nine years old he started to have weird dreams about a strange character. This strange character seemed familiar to Charlie, but he could never put his hands on it.  Charlie got into also sorts of trouble around and outside of the foster house. Two weeks before his fourteenth birthday Charlie found a letter from his mum about an amazing camp, how to find his way there and not to worry about paying for it.
Physical Appearance: Charlie has jet black, hot pink and pastel purple hair (Dyed of course). He has amazingly gorgeous brown eyes, with a set of full lush red lips. Charlie is a bit tall for his age. He also had body that looked like he went to a gym every day. He has light olive skin tone. He looks like he belongs in a modeling magazine, or in a fashion show.

Personality:                               Charlie has a bright and bubbly personality, around new people he can be really shy. Charlie is extremely creative, he loves to write, sing and dance. Charlie is overkill on caring, kindness and loving. He demands respect. He isn’t afraid of showing off his skills in the kitchen and on the battlefield.
Fatal Flaw: Charlie is too nice, caring and full of kindness even to those who have harmed him. He places too much trust into everyone and that has coursed him some trouble in his past. All these things are his fatal flaw.

Talents: Charlie is an amazing cook. He loves to sing and write songs and poems about life and how amazing it is. He is also talented in driving people mad because he can sing and dance way too much.

Weapons: Charlie carries a bronze dagger and a wooden bow and arrow. He prefers to use his bow and arrow but on a very rare occasion he will pull out the bronze dagger.

Other: Charlie has no known powers or abilities. Charlie is a homosexua
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Re: Charlie Evocca

Post  Cerulaen on Sun May 24, 2015 11:15 pm

So wait, do you want us looking at this one or the Apollo kid on your original app?
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