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Post  Sylvia Podan on Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:48 am

Name:  Sylvia Podan

Age:  12

God Parent:  Demetre

Mortal Family:  Maximus Baltazar Podan(big brother, alive) and Aide Podan(father, alive)

Years in Camp:  Non

History:  Before Sylvia got to camp she lived a bit outside of New York at a farm with her brother and father. Her father was quit a successful farmer and owning a lot of land. Having all from grapes to pear trees. She had quit the happy childhood, running around and helping with all the work on the farm, but she had to leave soon.  The year Sylvia turned 12 she was sent away without an explanation and ended up in camp half-blood. She have only stayed in camp half-blood a week, but she is happy in settled inn.

Physical Appearance:  She has long brown and a bit wavy hair, like light chocolate. Her eyes is a combination of forest green and a warm tone of brown. She is around 1.40m in height and is strong but looks like an average girl.  She always wear her orange t-shirt and some knee long  pirate pants and she also have a necklaces formed like a little sunflower from her father and brother.

Personality: Sylvia is a very sweet child, always happy and trying to help others as much as she can.  She always smiles and act like everything is alright, believing that if she can still smile then there is hope for the world. When she is working on something she always does the best she can and often end up overworking herself. When it comes to trust she trust everyone, believing in them and that they probably have a good reason for their doings.

Fatal Flaw: Her fatal Flaw would be her being naive, she always believe a person and almost anyone could trick her.  If you told Sylvia you where in great danger she would do anything to help you even if it killed her.  If you had hurt her before and ask for forgiveness she would most likely give it to you.

Talents: She is very good with plants and cooking and archery and horse riding was one of the things she did a lot on the farm so she is quit good at that. Also she is quit good with herbs.

Weapons:  She prefers to use the bow and arrow or a sword if they are to close.

Other: She can, like most of the Demetre children control the plant to some point, making flowers grow and making vinse block the rode (more or less)
Sylvia Podan
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Post  Axel The Bunny on Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:53 pm

History is rather brief, but i don't really see an obvious problem there. 1.40 meters would be about 4'6 which is fine, especially for a 12 year old. I also want to point out that the mention of "is strong" does not tell me anything. Is she merely physically fit? or abnormally strong> if the latter then why and how? any kind of sports background or the like?

The real issue is the personality, which is a bit too bland, all i get from it is happy-go-lucky, Naive/trusting, and tends to overwork herself.
Axel The Bunny
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