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Elijah Woods

Post  kidddragon99123 on Tue May 14, 2013 2:26 pm

Name: Elijah Woods
Age: 14
God Parent: Hephaestus
Mortal Family: marry woods(mom)
Years in Camp:none he just got there
Brief History: He was born in a small town in florida and livid there most of his life.At the age of ten monsters started to attack him and he left home which to began with wasn't to stable.He went traveling around the country for a few years finding food where ever he could.One day when he was twelve he decide to go to new york.when he got there he was confronted by a group of monsters but a team from camp half blood came and rescued him.
Physical Appearance: He is tall but not that tall.he was about six foot and he has black hair and tan skin and black eyes.he always wear a black t shirt which said "we can build it" and black jeans. also a black chain connected to a black and silver oket watch with silver numbers.When he pressed a button on the side it turns a black sword and if he presses the button on the other side it turns into a battle axe.
Personality: He is nice and kind.But he is also a loner with few friends.when he is with his friends he is happy.But when he is by himself or with people he dosen't act ind and acts kinda weird.
Fatal Flaw: He is very untrusting and has very few friends and is supuios of everyone.
Talents:he is very talented with machines and he can learn how to make things just bye looking at them.
Weapons:He has a pocket watch made of stygning iron and silver when he pressed the button on the left it turns into a sword with a silver handle and a black blade.and the button on the right side turns it into a battle axe with a silver handle and a black head.


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Re: Elijah Woods

Post  GeneralArin on Thu May 16, 2013 9:31 pm

Stick with a Bronze weapon.

The last sentence in the "Personality" section isn't very clear.
Your fatal flaw doesn't really have much to do with your personality, so tie it in better; and it needs more detail on why it's your 'fatal' flaw.

(Spell Check also helps.)

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