Matthew Dresden

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Matthew Dresden

Post  mattandpatrick12 on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:17 am

Name: Matthew Dresden

Age: 12

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: His only known family is his mom who's name is Karen Dresden

Years in Camp: 0

History: Matthew Dresden ha lived in Co.Cork Ireland for his whole life until he moved to New York. He attended primary school in a small village called Knockraha and speaks Irish, English and Latin fluently. He has always been into sports and played Hurling, Football, Soccer and Rugby.

Physical Appearance: Matthew Dresden is 5' 3''. He has bright green eyes with a mischievous shimmer. He is built like a rugby player with long legs, and great upper body strength. He has windswept, dark brown hair that sits in a mess ontop of his head.

Personality: He is gentle and kind but can be very dangerous when annoyed. He never sets out to hurt people only to help them. He doesn't realise how strong he is and hurts people by accident. He is loyal and trustworthy

Fatal Flaw:His fatal flaw is also his greatest ally. His strength. It helps him because it means that he can get himself out of a sticky situation but it can destroy him if he doesn't learn how to control it.

Talents: He is talented when it comes to music and sports.

Weapons: He has a sword, shield and bow in his day to day arsenal but he can also wield magical weapons when needed to

Other:He likes pizza


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Re: Matthew Dresden

Post  GeneralArin on Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:06 pm

Here, the Fatal Flaw needs to be a personality issue. Physical strength isn't that. It can be an interesting "other", though I'm not sure how super-strong a short, wirey 12-year-old is.
To expand on your personality, maybe your "dangerous when annoyed" could mean that he has a bit of a vicious temper, even if he's usually pretty gentle and easy going. Then to tell me more about your character: How is his humor? Is he the class clown or more serious? Or he could be somewhere in the middle with wry snark. How does he react to various situations? When you say "kind" do you mean "goes out of his way to help people and make them happy" or "not a jerk"? (Because if it's the latter, don't include the word. Sorry, Pet Peeve. A lot of people needlessly use the word to mean nothing more than "not a jerk". It seems like you mean the first, actually useful definition.)

Bio: I don't think you can speak Latin *fluently* as no one actually speaks it. (Ignoring Romans, because here that's not a thing. Shh.) And then perhaps tell a short blurb about your relationship with your mom or general home life. Then a quick thing on how you got to camp. It doesn't have to be particularly huge or dramatic or unique, just make it make sense.

Weapons: This category is for what you own and regularly use. If you want a personal, magical weapon, then you need to list it here. Otherwise, you don't get a magic object. We don't have spare ones lying around without a request to a Hepheastus kid to specifically make one. And if you're going to use a magic weapon/object. (I have a magic shield instead) try to limit it to only one. Your list of weapons is okay, so maybe if you want a magic object, just turn one magic and then have the others as more ordinary ones just for other use.

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