Creating: Callen Sabre

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Creating: Callen Sabre

Post  Callen Saber on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:28 am

Under construction.

Name: Callen Absolem Sabre
Age: 15
God Parent: Son or Hecate, Daughter of Haephestus. (though undetermined)
Mortal Family: Both demigods ,Orphan, taken from orphanage by a satyr named george.

Years in Camp: 1 and four months. (His first bead shows a dogs head.)

Brief History: Rather quickly befriended people from the Vulcan (I can never remember the Greek versions spelling. >.>) and Hecate cabin. has trained himself nonstop in the art of enchantment, primarily making more potent celestial bronze weapons and mist manipulating nicknacks. Was once sent on a quest (not as leader) to destroy a Telekhine forge. nobody died, but the prophecy was never completed. (no this isn't going to be a side-story, just a cause for paranoia.)

Physical Appearance: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Personality: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Fatal Flaw: Cannot Swim! Notorious for fainting at the sight of blood, or vomiting. Not very good at fighting nonhumanoids.

Talents: Enchantment, Climbing, Fencing (prior to joining camp.)

Weapons: Claralues (Latin for bright-bane) his rapier, emits blinding light on contact with monsters, though only monster are blinded by it.

Other: Callen can speak Latin (to a curtain degree.) and sign language. Callen was dunked in the river lethe, and obviously has no memories of it or why. Callen can consume slightly more ambrosia and nectar than the average demi-god.

Callen Saber

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