Kashly Shikami(hunter)

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Kashly Shikami(hunter)

Post  Jace on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:05 am

Name:Kashly Shikami

Age:stopped aging at age 12(would be 24)

Godly parent:Hercules

Mortal family: Luaren Shikami(sister of Ravén) Jacob Wise(step father-son of Olympia) Jace Shikami(cousin-unknown to both of them) Smith(Smity) Wise(son of kratos)

Years in hunt:12

Brief history: Kashly was raised by her mother and step father who seemed to travel a lot, with her uncle and father a lot more than with her mother. But to start with, Kashly was a odd child, she was butiful for the majority of her life, but that was really the only thing she had cut out for her self. Her family was known for being exceptionally athletic, and her step father was a Olympic gold medalist. She was always trying to fallow in his foot steps, and failed. She tried to do track, she tried to do jumping, she tried almost everything her step dad could do. She left archery for last, she was a complete novice, and her step dad tried his hardest to teach her the basics, and eventually she was doing better than he was. She had a talent for this. That afternoon, she went to her mother to tell her the news, and her mother smiled and complemented her in how she was fallowing in her own foot steps. Kashly didn't know intill that, day that her mother was a champion archer. She was the only archer to actually hit a arrow dead in the center and break it in half from the longest shot area, three times in a row.

One day her family went on a hunting trip with her uncle. They where setting up camp as her uncle and her step dad went out to get some fire wood. After a while her uncle came back and grabed Kashly and look at her mother, and she nodded, after he whispered in her ear. He took her and told her to hide in the tent. That a bear was nearby, and that they where going to drive it away. After a hour or two she peaked outside and saw a horrible sight, the camp ground was a reck. Kashly looked around for her family. Anyone could make her feel secure, but when she found one it was her mother bleeding out, her uncle nearby. There was no sight of her step dad and her mother was barely alive, she could feel the faint heart of her mother beat. Kashly cried, for there was nothing she could do. She couldn't do anything to save her mother.  Nearby, was a silver bow, that had a marking on it. A torch and a fist. There was also a small signet of a crescent moon. 

After a while Kashly was getting over her mother dieing, she walked over to the bow and grabed it, and would hold it, and it seemed to shrink to fit her grip. She sighed and held back some tears, why did she want this so badly, she wanted to keep her mothers bow. She would then hear a rustle in the woods, and turns sharply, to the sound, and sees a silver wolf. The wolf seemed to stare at her with sad eyes, then turned and motioned with its nose to fallow. For some reason, even being hesitant, Kashly fallowed it, and ended up in a clearing. She saw a pack of wolfs and a young girl standing among  them. She saw the wolf stare at her and then look at the girl as if saying that she called her here.

The girl who was in the pack of wolfs was the goddess Artemis. She came to seek a maiden in distress, one who was alone with no one left. A maiden who's life was ruined by a monster. Kashly walked to the girl, not knowing who she was and asks" Do you know where my dad is?" And holding back tears waited for the answer. The answer never came but a offer sprang up. 

"Do you want to save your father? Do you want to hunt the beast that took your mothers life? Do you wish to free your traped soul from the torment of guilt? Join me young maiden, and join the hunt. The offer is for you to accept or decline. Chose wisely dear maiden, for you may not like your life if you do not accept my offer." Kashly waited and thought. She could slay the bear? With what her mothers bow? How can she use it? It was always to big for her. She eventually accepted and took the pledge of Artemis. 

For the next few years, she would fallow Artemis in the hunt, and she eventually revenges her mother. The beast that killed her mother was saline, and given a proper disposal, for such a grate warrior. She became a great archer over the years, and learned to control her emotions, which over came her and was clouding her vision and thought.

Physical appearance: Kashly has light plae skin, put against her pink hair and her blue eyes. She has a slim body and little muscle tone. Her hair is silky to the touch and her skin is like touching lavander. She usually wears a pink shirt and skirt with matching shoes, though every once in a while she will dress up in a pink or silver dress(usually a pink one.) 

Personality: Kashly is a emotionally sensitive girl and is a nice kind hearted girl. She can be a bit exited at times but can be a great friend to have with you. She will never let you down even if you are mean to her. She is a fast thinking girl who can quickly make a disision. 

Fatal Flaw: letting her emotions control her. She can easily have a mood swing and start crying at any time, she can start a fight by being angry and upsetting the person she talks to. She is also sensitive to others impressions. She wants to be the best, but she can not when she crys a every thing negative.


Weapons:'a magic bow that turns into a bracelet.

A quiver full of arrows.


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