Character Application: Rafael

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Character Application: Rafael

Post  Fae Elysium on Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:04 pm

Name: Rafael (Fae) Elysium Whitewood

Age: 12

God Parent: HADES;  god the Dead and King of the Underworld

Mortal Family:  Oliver (step-brother), Snow (step-sister), Eden (mother), Stephen (step-father)
Years in Camp: one day

History: Fae has had a sheltered life. He lived in New York for twelve years. His mother re-married when he was five, and he got two stepsiblings. Although he was dyslexic, he loved to read...he just found it easier to read in another language. His mother told him whom his father was on his eleventh birthday last year. She told him about the Camp Half-Blood for others like him and said that he would be going next year...which is now. He read up on his biological father, Hades a bit more and, through an hour of extensive research, he found out about the Elysian Fields, also known as Elysium. That would explain his middle name, a tribute to his dad and the Underworld.

Physical Appearance:  Messy black hair. Light blue eyes. Eternally tan skin. He is 5'3, and very...expressive.

Personality:  He loves to read and write. He's quiet and shy at first but once you get to know him, he is the 'life of the party'. He is very friendly but he talks to those closest to him. Fae is determined and passionate. Once set on an idea, it is very hard to sway him. He is also very stubborn.

Fatal Flaw: Fae's fatal flaw is that he is a bit self centered. He usually thinks of himself and doesn't really take others' feelings into account.

Talents: Writing, Craft/Creating things (clothes etc), Can turn objects into precious metals at will.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, hand-to-hand combat, can fight with things he created.

Other: Loves books, cats, small dogs, birds, coffee and purple. Also enjoys long trips to the library, brownies and plain cheese pizza. Would like to visit his namesake in the Underworld. Although his name is Rafael, and his nickname is usually Rafe, he prefers to be called Fae (ironically funny for him).

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